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Van der Sloot

Confession: Joran Van der Sloot Recants His “Confession.”

Joran Van der Sloot no claims he was arrested without a warrant, had no translator and was confused when he confessed.  And thus Van der Sloot continues his manipulation of people and the Peruvian Courts. There will be more mind bending, heart rending manipulation by Van der Sloot.

Van der Sloot is due to see the Peruvian judge on Friday (June 25th) who will rule on the admissibility of Joran's confession and if there is probable cause for putting him on trial for murder.  It would be very interesting to hear more of Joran's explanation of how he was tricked.

This guy is a master at manipulation and he gets really pissed when he is not in control and when he thinks people are getting the best of him. My bet is he will be bound over for trial.

If the Peruvian police conducted a professional interrogation, they have closed the loops holes on this case.  They most likely got a specific time line of movements and actions by Van der Sloot, coupled with the video surveillance from several locations, witness statement of his movements. They most likely allowed him to give a narration of everything hie did during that time frame in question (letting him lie his butt off) then picked his story apart with every piece of conflicting evidence, inconsistencies and contradictions in his story.  Joran was probably NOT coerced, he's just never had anybody who know how to handle him and nail him for his lies.  Oh don't get me wrong, this guy is still going to lie, change his lies and dream up many more new ones before this is all over.

Van der Sloot certainly deserves a fair trial and proper legal representations even in light of his alleged crime(s).  I saying we should expect a "circus of the bizarre" from Joran as his trial moves forward.

What we've heard about his confession is just the warm up act.  I bet he will start allegations of abuse, mistreatment, maltreatment, psychological horrors, memory failure, demonic possession, out of body experience – from the mundane to the outlandish.  This will be a running soap opera or a never-ending episode of Law and Order.

Joran is living up to his billing as a psychopathic personality.

Just my opinion, anyway.  So far, I've been pretty close to being on the money.

"The Lie Guy®"