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Joran Vandersloot

Joran VanderSloot: An MO of Prowling Casinos for Victims?

Joran VanderSloot has been arrested in Chile on a charge of murdering a woman in Peru after picking her up at a casino there. This is exactly the same way he met Natalie Holloway in Aruba.  Could this be his MO?

I went back a reviewed an interview of Vandersloot by ABC's Chris Cuomo back in 2005.  One of the biggest reactions I saw from Vandersloot was the question about him picking up women in casinos and bars, getting them drunk or drugging them, and taking advantage of them.  In my opinion his response behaviors (both verbal and non-verbal) were consistent with someone who was withholding information. Now we get word he is accused of using the same tactic to pick up a woman in Peru and he has been arrested for her murder.

My question would be have we uncovered the MO of a killer and /or rapist.  We need to get the evidence on the case in front of us to be sure he is guilty of the murder.  Other cases of serial murderers / rapists have present very strong evidence of patterns of behavior that are consistent in all their cases.  This could be the same with Vandersloot.

Within one day of his arrest, we get word that US authorities was Joran for extortion.  He is alleged to have offered information regarding the whereabouts of Natalie Holloway's body in Aruba in return for money.

In my opinion Joran is what I call an "Ego Dominant" personality and that would detect the interrogations strategy O would use on him.  He also appears to exhibit a large number of the characteristics of the "psychopath" or "anti-social" personality researched and expounded on by Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. J. Reid Malloy.

I wouldn't be surprised if more of the same behaviors by Joran will soon be uncovered.

Interested in hearing your thoughts.


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