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Caylee Anthony

Lying: Casey Anthony – Dragged Down By Her Own Albatross of Deceit

Casey Anthony's trail of deceit leads right back to her. From the very beginning, it appears that Casey Anthony has manipulated and lied her way to this point in her murder trial. She has no one to blame except herself.

I hate to say "I told you so"; BUT I told you so! Look at my blog posting in May 2008

Casey Anthony: A Masterful Investigation – Casey Anthony's Lies Will Convict Her. 

Let's count "some" of Casey's lies:

1. She worked at Universal Theme park.
2. She was an event coordinator at night
3. The baby sitter Zaney.
4. Zany kidnapped Caylee.
5. Casey and Caylee went to a conference in Tampa
6. They stayed in Tampa because zany had a car wreck.
7. The new man in her life Todd – who doesn't exist.
8. She and Caylee staying many nights at todd's house in Jacksonville.
9. Spending many nights at Zaney's house.
10. Spending time at Hard Rock Hotel.
11. Caylee spending time with other kids in Tampa at Busch Gardens while Casey was at the non-existent conference and after the conference.

This went on for some 31 or more days. To her parents, to her friends, to the police, and more.

I'll bet when you interview the jury, you'll find that they had a hard time with all the defense case based on ALL the lies Casey told for so long. In the meantime drag everyone else along, parents, boyfriends, brother in on all of her lies and that they are covering up, too? Pretty hard to keep such a complex web of lies (based on the defense case)for so long and so many people involved with so much emotion involved in the loss of Caylee, the national level of scrutiny – police & media. Tough to buy that.

I still contend, Casey Anthony's lies will convict her.

My opinion from my prospective.

Stan B. Walters, CSP
"The Lie Guy®"