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Interviewing and Interrogation: Bizarre Training Course

Kinesic Interview & Interrogation – Reaction v Response – Tip 25

Practical Kinesic Interviewing & Interrogation ®
It’s More Than Just Spotting Deception

Reaction vs. Response – Beyond Just Body Language & Deception


practical kinesic interview & interrogationThe real key to Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation ® is once the interviewer finds to trouble spots, understand what is the most appropriate ethical tactics that will encourage compliance and cooperation. Subjects will either “react” or “respond” to the interviewer and their questions and conversation. The appropriate tactic by the interviewer is important to success of the entire conversation.

Interviewing and Interrogation Tip # 25 of 101 Tips for Interviewer and Interrogators explore the difference between subject reaction and response.

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Subject’s who are “reacting” to the interviewer are exhibiting either emotional or cognitive behaviors that are not conducive to the subject even hearing much less evaluating the interviewer’s efforts and ethical persuasion. It is only during a “response” behavior that the subject is ready for the conversation to move forward to an outcome that they find acceptable.

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Interview Training: Announcement and a Request

I’ll have a new posting on my blog very soon!
I’ll also have my TED “type” Talk up on YouTube soon!!
It was for Law Enforcement Intelligence Units.  Way cool!

But first I need to ask a favor…

I am very close to starting some much requested on-line training courses.
I hope to have the first one out in about a week or 10 days.

But before I go any further than that, I have a couple of questions I need
to ask you.

You can answer the questions here (and learn a little more about what
I have in mind for some online training) at this link:

A quick 2 question survey from Stan.

Thanks for your help!
I appreciate any input or suggestions you might have.

Stan B. Walters
“The Lie Guy®”

False Confessions: 60 Minutes False Confession Capital

60 Minutes “False Confession Capital” airs tonight and will highlight the long trend of false confession cases that have plagued the Chicago area.  This will be another black eye for law enforcement.  It SHOULD be an alarm bell to agencies who continue to provide little or no training in interview & interrogation to their officers.  The training they do get is riddled with myths, disproved concepts and techniques debunked long ago by multiple social psychological studies.

What is really perplexing to me is the excuses you hear for such interrogation disasters.  Over the last 4 months I have read numerous accounts of false confession cases and here are the the most common excuses I hear from the police agencies (and also corporate loss prevention I might add… ATTENTION: A.S.I.S., A.C.F.E., Retail Industry – Loss Prevention Foundation, etc.).

1. “The interrogator used the technique wrong.”
2. “We don’t interrogate innocent people.”
3. “Innocent people don’t falsely confess.”
4. “The subject is responsible for false confessions.”
Here’s my conclusion to those stupid comments.
1. Then you must be “failing” as instructors of your technique.
2. Sounds like you have a pre-conception before you begin that the subject “has” to be guilty to begin with.
3. Right!  And nobody has bought a time share they didn’t want.
4. You were in charge of the interrogation.  If it goes wrong … YOU OWN IT!

FINALLY … let’s face it, the reason you keep having problems with the techniques you have been taught to use… THEY DON’T WORK!  To keep training your investigators in the same flawed techniques and expecting different results is insanity.

Time to take a VERY serious look at the interrogation technique(s) taught to investigators that for decades have been identified as being “chronically” responsible for false confessions. The public deserves it, officers should demand it or just like Chicago, the courts and the Justice Department will be on YOUR back!

At least that’s the way I see it…

Stan B. Walters, CSP
“The Lie Guy®”
The Interview Room

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Dr. Gates Arrest & Racism Charge Claims Another Victim: The Witness

The arrest of Dr. Gates in Cambridge. MA and charges of racism claim another victim – Lucia Whalen ,the witness.  Once again, people wihout having all the information in hurl charges of racism against a citizen who dutifully called in what she believed to be suspicious activity.

This doesn't bode well for anyone who sees a what they believe is a crime in progress and report it to law enforcement.  What is going to happen with the interviews of potential witnesses or sources in the future?  Neighborhood convasses by law enforcement has just dramatically increased in difficulty.  All fueled by biased, shoot from the hip, ego driven, hate filled morons!

What does that say about a small number of people who are quick to rekindle and fuel racism and the perception of racism in our country.  Of course our media can only provide coverage of the dark side of each case.  Then you have one ignorant police officer who exposes his bias by publishing more hate on a blog site.

It looks to me like some folks just don't have any purpose in life unless they can fan the fires of racism and hate and keep it alive for their own ends.

My advice – "Engage brain before putting mouth in gear!"

"The Lie Guy®"