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Casey Anthony: A Masterful Investigation – Casey Anthony’s Lies Will Convict Her.

My hat's off to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Lead Investigator Yuri Melich and the rest of the investigators on this case.  They have done a FANTASTIC job.  We're going to see a great case brought against her because of their very professional ad tireless dedication to this case.  (Watch the defense attack them by the way!!)

  1. They allowed Casey to "narrate" her version of the events surrounding the disappearance of her daughter.  This tactic is VERY successful and least likely to contaminate her statements.  They more she talks to more they have to prove she's lying.
  2. They didn't stop Casey when they caught her lying multiple times. 
  3. They let Casey lie more to cover up her previous lies.
  4. Casey Anthony has absolutely no credibility with anyone after her many outlandish, self-serving lies.  She has even damaged the credibility of her parents who have defended her repeatedly.
  5. I'd bet the farm that they have a TON of forensic evidence that has yet to be disclosed.
  6. I'd bet that Casey's abundant use of her many cell phones will play a major role in this case.
  7. I'd also bet that the fact that Casey stopped using or disposed of one or more cell phones will be critical.
  8. Personally, I have little or NO respect for her attorney.  His job is to insure that Casey gets a fair trial.  It is NOT, I repeat NOT to "get her off."  Many defense attorneys have forgotten this concept and would rather sacrifice justice for not only their clients but also the many many victims.

There are going to be more very damaging pieces of forensic evidence that will directly refute Casey's comments AND maybe some of those made by her parents as they try to defend her. 

You've got to know her parents and brother are hurting as they try to help their daughter and find out what happened to their granddaughter.  She crushed them and increase the pain they have and will suffer when this goes to trial.

A personal message to Casey Anthony's attorney.  Counselor… put her on the witness stand.  I bet she could REALLY sway the jury!!

Just a few of the thoughts that come to mind while I'm flying around the world teaching.

"The Lie Guy®"

4 Responses to Casey Anthony: A Masterful Investigation – Casey Anthony’s Lies Will Convict Her.

  • eric in alaska says:

    can you back up your opinion that a criminal defense attorney’s job is only to ensure the accused gets a fair trial? are you kidding? that’s absurd. it shows you either have not read the constitution or the many decisions regarding a defense lawyer’s duties to the client, or you’re biased and trying to shape opinion.

  • Stan Walters says:

    Thanks for your “input.”
    It appears you yourself are prone to making comments without sufficient knowledge of information. I do in fact carry a copy of the Constitution with me! You made an erroneous “assumption.” A dangerous prospect don’t you think “counselor?”
    I have no problem with vigorous defense. It stimulates debate of ideas and brings people to thoughtful decisions and is the only way our system will uncover the truth. I DO NOT however find in MY copy of the Constitution wording that says “get the defendant off at all costs.” But I “personally” believe that “some” attorneys “shape opinion” by using some of the most extreme arguments that can defy logic and reason. Notice I said “my opinion.” I also feel that some prosecutors fail in their jobs at exposing or challenging such absurdities as well as provide adequate proof of their case (as do SOME defense attorneys) and I’m sure would agree that that does not provide justice for the victim NOR the defendant or society.
    I thought the job of the courts was to assure justice for the defendant AND the victim via the pursuit of “the truth.” I do understand that some folks consider the “truth” as being relative. At times I believe that investigators fail at that goal as well as some prosecutors AND some defense attorneys.

  • This is regarding a good defense lawyer. A few years back,I found myself in BIG trouble over drugs. I was blessed with one of Pittsburgh’s (PA) best lawyers. He sat me down and said “I am here to make sure you get a fair accounting with the law. The most important thing is we get the court to see you as a complete person, especially in regards to punishment.” I guess I should of set that up with the statement I was guilty and did not want to put my family through any more BS. He landed me a plea that was very fair and I took my lumps like a grown up. his counsel was GOLDEN and never once did he talk of circumventing justice or getting me off. Once I told him the truth, you could hear the gears whirring. Now, do you think that clown representing that skank is interested in anything except fame and fortune? please

  • TPM says:

    Thank you for your comments, Stan. I can see where you are coming from and understand your comments regarding my statement. It was a ‘quickie’ but I felt it represented how I feel. Keep up the blog, it is one I make sure I read.