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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Interviewing and Interrogation | The Power of the word “Because” | Tip # 24 of 101 Tips

Interviewing and Interrogation
The Dialogue of Persuasion and the word “Because”

Interviewing and InterrogationEffective interviewing and interrogation is far more than just rattling off questions and hoping to get information.  Too often investigators make the assumption that they must “power” the subject through interviewing and interrogation and that their subject will eventually surrender under the mere weight of suspicion, the fact that they are being interviewed about their involvement in a critical event and that to resist the investigator and his or her conclusions is futile. More often than not, these are the very same tactics you will find in cases of contaminated victim, witness and suspect statements.  These tactics in combination with other factors have also been noted to be present during interviewing and interrogations that have resulted in false confessions.

A professional investigator doesn’t have to use manipulation when interviewing their subjects.  They will persuade to subject to draw the conclusion that it is in their best interest to do so.  One small part of effective persuasion is the use of a the very powerful word “because.”  It is “a request plus a reason.”

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