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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Meet Hubris: An Interrogtion Assassin

It should be no surprise by now that there are cases of wrongful conviction that have occurred as a direct result of false or coerced confessions.  The statistics show that false or coerced confessions are responsible for 25% of the wrongful convictions overturned using DNA evidence.  What continues to amaze me is how no one accepts the responsibility for the root cause – training, faulty training, or the lack thereof.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve read several accounts of false confession cases and in several of those reports, the question of the techniques the interrogators used was discussed.  The answers given by the interrogators, their agencies, and the trainers all had the same theme – it’s not our fault.

I read responses such as “He wouldn’t have confessed if he weren’t guilty.” “They didn’t use our technique correctly.” “We don’t interrogate innocent people.” “Innocent people don’t confess.”

Appalling attitude!  What hubris!!

I’ll say it again… the greatest risk to any interview is the “Interrogation Assassin.”  His real name is “pre-conception” and hubris is his birthright.

Just my opinion…

Stan B. Walters, CSP
“The Lie Guy®”
The Interview Room

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False Confessions: Huge Lurking Liability for Businesses

For quite some time we have been deeply concerned and rightfully so, about false confessions that result in wrongful criminal convictions in the criminal justice system. But private businesses are operating in ignorance if they think their interviews and interrogations are also not creating a huge liability for their bottom line as well as their brand, and employee morale.

You may be surprised to know that of the wrongful convictions overturned using DNA, 25% of those cases involve false confessions. Just as shocking is that fact that in 75% of those overturned cases, bad contaminated victim interviews or flawed eye witness interview played a key role in the wrongful conviction.

We shouldn’t be surprised, really. The same flawed methods and tactics taught and used in the criminal justice community are just being carried over to corporate loss prevention and security. Why would we think that false confessions and wrongful dismissals wouldn’t also occur? Just because we carry some form of certification, it doesn’t mean the techniques taught and used are not fraught with scientific flaws and inherently coercive tactics. As a result, corporate entities taking huge losses up to millions of dollars for flaws and coercive techniques being used by their loss prevention and security personnel.

It’s time for corporate loss prevention, security, and safety professionals to pay more attention to their interview and interrogation training. If the techniques they are using or training their personnel to use result in false confession in the criminal justice arena, why would you think it is NOT going to have the exact same results and creat the same liabilities and risks for private corporations? Why not just ahead and write the blank checks because you are going to get burned.

Buyer beware! How about corporate loss prevention beware of the methods and techniques your train your personnel to use. I can’t imagine why your corporate legal department let’s you continue to take those risks with your bottom line.

Just my opinion. But it appears the courts agree with me.

Stan B. Walters, CSP
“The Lie Guy®”
The Interview Room
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