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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Lying: Liars are Fascinating

I find liars, especially the bold, brazen, chronic liars simply amazing!  They really do live in what is almost a fantasy world oblivious to their own lies. They are in total denial that their lies could possibly come back to haunt them.

I’ve been tracking and studying deception and liars for more than 30 years.  So it’s is an understatement for me to say that I find the topic interesting.

I am currently working for a client on a $30,000 fraud case.  I RARELY work such cases anymore but I’m trying to help someone out.  Let me share with you what this 47 year old fool has done.

(Talk about classic anti-social behaviors!)

He has conned people for years with shell companies, corporations, where he asks them to go into business with him and them cheats the hell out of them.

He constantly passes bad checks to all types of contractors.  When he is confronted with the bad checks, he gets them to agree to “payments”, makes a token payment and defaults on paying the rest of the money thereby bypassing criminal charges.  He is always threatening to sue people.

He and his wife are in business, but he has been having an affair on the side with another woman he is also in business with (Okay.. I know that stuff happens, but just follow me on this)  He has been defrauding BOTH businesses!  In the last four weeks he has left his wife for the other woman.

He has been violating state building and construction codes by working of other peoples’ licenses (with who he has assumed partnerships – see above!)

State inspectors despise him, but they have not been able to catch him in the act.  They are literally gunning for this guy.

Construction supply houses are constantly having to deal with his bad checks.  Again he wiggles out by making partial payments and thereby eluding prosecution.

He is into my client for about $30,000.  $12,000 plus in bad checks and more that $16,000 plus for work he has not paid for as a home builder.

I was able to get the all the checks to county attorneys and send him 7 notices to pay or face felony theft by deception charges.  My client has filed $16,000 plus in mechanics liens on all the houses he has worked on.

NOW it gets good!  He sent invoices to my client indicating my client owes HIM for the work my client did on the houses.  Huh!!  I do the work for you and then you bill me for the work I did for you!

In the last 16 days he has sent 75 plus harassing text messages to my client.  Threatened to show up on job sites, threatened to just show up at his house (with my client’s wife and 10 year old son home alone.)  That doesn’t count all the voice messages he has left.  Oh and he is going to file MILLIONS of dollars in law suits (Nothing has been fled because he ain’t got no damn money!)

Ready for this?!  He went to two different county attorneys and LIED to them about the case.  He told them that he and my client were brothers and that they should just drop the case because it is a family matter, and their are in business together. (My client is NOT on the articles of incorporation for this guy’s company AND he is NOT a signer on the bank account which the checks are drawn on. He is NOT related to the suspect in anyway.)

Today he sends an email to my client and wants to sit down and work this out because he knows my client “really doesn’t want to hurt” him. His claim is that my client just needs to come to him so they can work things out.

You gotta hand it to chronic, anti-social liars.  They leave a path of destroyed victims along the way.  Boy is he gonna be surprised on Friday when he is arrested for at least 7 counts of felony fraud.  The state inspectors are also working up a case against him, too.

As long as there are liars, my job security looks good!  Folks may run out of money but we won’t run short on cases of liars destroying people.

Stan B. Walters, CSP
The Lie Guy®


Deception: Elizabeth Warren & Honesty?

It would appear that Elizabeth Warren has a problem with her honesty. There are numerous reports out now about the possibility of her practicing law in Massachusetts without a law license.

I know politics is “all about perception” and boy is that evident during the current presidential campaign! But Warren seems to have an ongoing problem with maintaining the right perception she wants.

Let’s see –
There is the question about her classifying herself as a “native American” when it appears that the evidence and her own statements indicate otherwise.

There are nagging questions about her plagiarizing some recipes in a recipe book. Two of the of the recipes allegedly came from a big French chef and food critic in New York. (Hope the recipes was at least a good ones!)

Now she is accused of practicing law out of her office at Cambridge without a law license. On Sept 11, 2012 she removed her license to practice in New Jersey to prevent anyone from looking at her records there.

Two questions – if you are going to run for politics, I’d hope you had those things cleared up in advance. I know nobody is perfect and we all have things in the past we regret BUT somebody is going to find them eventually!

Second, if you keep doing stupid stuff and then you start lying about it then that tells me some things about you:
!. You may have a problem with your character and integrity.
2. You may have a problem with ethics.
3. You got a REAL bad problem with self-esteem.
4. You got a severely flawed personality!

We call these things “SIGNS!”

Just my opinion & observations

Stan B. Walters
The Lie Guy®