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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Deception: Could Sen. Richard Blumenthal be a Serial Liar?

Senator Richard Blumenthal (The Viet Nam marine veteran who was NOT in Viet Nam) has apparently used "misplaced words" once again.  Blumenthal has apparently been caught in another "personal resume enhancing" lie.  Blumenthal claims has been involved in the fight for Roe v. Wade from the beginning when he worked as a clerk for Judge Blackmon in 1974.  Roe v. Wade was ruled on by the US Supreme Court in 1973.

Chronic or serial lying if you prefer is not a disorder or disease.  My motto is "before you say it … you thought it!"  Chronic of habitual lying is a symptom of a greater personality or character flaw in the person.

If you want to learn something about a person's character, if they lie, notice what they choose to lie about!  In Blumentahl's case we notice he apparently keeps lyinmg about his personal experiences, personal history and background.

I suggest the media and others who follow the media religously, dig into Blumenthal's background.  Look at ALL of his resumes, degrees, accomplishments, awards, training, etc that he has claimed to have accumulated and reported to his consituents, the media, past employers, etc. 

I would be willing to bet Senator Blumenthal has "misplaced words" MANY times regarding his list of accomplishments, etc.  These two public incidents are not an anomaly.  He does this too easily.  I wouldn't be surpised to find that he has MANY other "misplaced words' describing his grand accomplishments.

Just my opinion… but then I study and research this type of behavior and teach law enforcement, business professionals and intelligence operatives how to spot these kinds of lies.


Stan B. Walters, CSP

"The Lie Guy®"