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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Confession: Joran Van der Sloot Recants His “Confession.”

Joran Van der Sloot no claims he was arrested without a warrant, had no translator and was confused when he confessed.  And thus Van der Sloot continues his manipulation of people and the Peruvian Courts. There will be more mind bending, heart rending manipulation by Van der Sloot.

Van der Sloot is due to see the Peruvian judge on Friday (June 25th) who will rule on the admissibility of Joran's confession and if there is probable cause for putting him on trial for murder.  It would be very interesting to hear more of Joran's explanation of how he was tricked.

This guy is a master at manipulation and he gets really pissed when he is not in control and when he thinks people are getting the best of him. My bet is he will be bound over for trial.

If the Peruvian police conducted a professional interrogation, they have closed the loops holes on this case.  They most likely got a specific time line of movements and actions by Van der Sloot, coupled with the video surveillance from several locations, witness statement of his movements. They most likely allowed him to give a narration of everything hie did during that time frame in question (letting him lie his butt off) then picked his story apart with every piece of conflicting evidence, inconsistencies and contradictions in his story.  Joran was probably NOT coerced, he's just never had anybody who know how to handle him and nail him for his lies.  Oh don't get me wrong, this guy is still going to lie, change his lies and dream up many more new ones before this is all over.

Van der Sloot certainly deserves a fair trial and proper legal representations even in light of his alleged crime(s).  I saying we should expect a "circus of the bizarre" from Joran as his trial moves forward.

What we've heard about his confession is just the warm up act.  I bet he will start allegations of abuse, mistreatment, maltreatment, psychological horrors, memory failure, demonic possession, out of body experience – from the mundane to the outlandish.  This will be a running soap opera or a never-ending episode of Law and Order.

Joran is living up to his billing as a psychopathic personality.

Just my opinion, anyway.  So far, I've been pretty close to being on the money.

"The Lie Guy®"

Interview & Interrogation: Van der Sloot’s Mom – “My son is sick in his head.”

Joran Van der Sloot's Mom said in an interview with a Dutch newspaper "My son is sick in his head."  She blames the media and the death of Joran's father as the cause for her son committing murder.  Sorry Mrs. Van der Sloot, your son just willingly engages in deviant behavior – always has and always will. He knows what he is doing.

Joran certainly exhibits deviant behavior and in my opinion is most likely a sexual predator.  He appears to match the profile of a psychopath.

We have to be careful about bantering around "mentally ill."  It leads the public to believe that Van der Sloot is not in control of his own actions and is unaware of the consequences of his behavior.  For Joran it is quite the opposite.  Joran demonstrates a high level of awareness of his actions which by the way are always in response his needs without consideration for the pain and suffering he causes others.  He is a very organized personality.  In his case he has willingly failed to control his own behaviors.

Certainly stress factors can trigger apparently inappropriate behaviors in any person.  My question to Joran's Mom would be what stress factors caused him to allegedly murder Natalee Holloway?  There was no media coverage of him prior to her disappearance and his father was alive!

Often when we can't understand the apparently deviant behaviors of a friend or family member, it is easy to blame it on "mental illness" as the cause.  I believe that's because we can't understand the other person's motivation and fortunately for us, we can't imagine engaging is such behavior ourselves, therefore "he must be sick."

Joran's behavior is probably best explained as a "psychology of evil."  He will not be denied anything he wants, he is well spoken, easily overcomes another person's fears about him, has a high threshold of excitement or stimulation, he has a low tolerance for stress or anything that frustrates him, he has no empathy for the people he is destroying, doesn't learn from his mistakes, he is cunning, he is manipulative, and he is a chronic liar.  I still say that if we investigate his background more thoroughly we will find MANY deviant social acts and criminal offenses that have been missed, dismissed, and even ignored.  He has MANY more victims of deviant behavior than we will ever know.

You can take it to the bank that Joran's confession to Peruvian authorities is still not very close to the whole truth.  Oh sure, he gave them enough that he may be convicted – enough to match the forensics.  BUT, the actual interaction between him and Flores, conversations between them, Flores specific actions have been grossly altered to suit Joran's point of view and benefit.  Notice from previous stories how Joran portrays himself as the "victim" of Flores snooping into his personal life.  Again, I think a key phrase was Joran's slip in saying that she tried to "escape."  I'd bet that the time Joran spent in the room with her body was time spent fantasizing about what happened and developing and practicing a plausible "story."  Why not, Joran has proven himself very successful at making up plausible stories in the past!

When he is interviewed by the Lima judge next week, I hope he doesn't fall pry to Joran's charms and believe the lies Joran has cooked up for him.  If we hear about ANY of the story he tells the judge, I'm willing to bet there are going to be some changes and additions to the initial confession he gave to the Peruvian police.  Also it wouldn't surprise me if he starts suffering from "memory lapses" and plays up his Moms diagnosis that he is "sick in his head."

Joran Van der Sloot is a classic example of an anti-social personality type who is fully aware of his behaviors but has and continues to manipulate people for his own personal desires. Put him in the Peruvian prison and let him rot.  Just my opinion anyway.

"The Lie Guy"

Joran Van der Sloot: Dance With The Devil

Joran Van der Sloot has agreed to show authorities the location of missing Alabama teen Natalie Holloway's body.  In my opinion this is a dance with the devil.  My question is what does Van der Sloot really want?  He doesn't do anything that is not to his benefit. 

In my opinion Joran Van der Sloot is the typical psychopath.  He is going to manipulate everybody and ever agency for his own benefit.  If you think Joran confessed to killing Flores because of some overwhelming guilt or remorse, I think you are sadly mistaken.  He confessed because he was caught and had to figure some way to get out of the maze he found himself in.

According to AP, Van der Sloot has now agreed to show everyone where he left the body of Natalie Holloway.  First of all, I believe when I see it.  I think he's telling them he can show them just to get out of Peru, get a lighter sentence, arrange it so he is brought back to Aruba to face charges as opposed to Peru (which has some hellish prisons by the way), or if he has to face charges of murder he rather face the charges is "Van der Sloot friendly" Aruba.

Van der Sloot is NOT doing this for nothing and it is NOT from pangs of guilt.  Watch for more twists and turns is this part of the Van der Sloot saga unfolds.  I bet he is still going to dupe somebody with this plan.

"The Lie Guy®"

Van der Sloot Confesses: Admits Strangling Peruvian Woman

Associate Press is reporting that Joran Van der Sloot has confessed to strangling and killing Stephanie Flores.  What is interesting is that Van der Sloot said the murder was linked to Natalie Holloway's disappearance.

Van der Sloot told authorities that Flores looked at his laptop and saw the connection between him and Holloway.

"I did not want to do it. The girl intruded into my private life," he reportedly told detectives. "She had no right. She was
scared, we argued, she tried to escape and I grabbed her by the neck and
hit her."

I have a couple of questions:

1) What did Flores see on Van der Sloot's laptop that was so personal and got Flores so scared?

2) What does he mean he didn't want to do it?  Sounds likes the typical
"blame the victim" for the crime.

3) More importantly, I caught a key word in Joran's statement.  He said she tried to "ESCAPE."  If Flores was there willingly, we did she have to try and "ESCAPE?"

I still think there is a lot more to this case and there still may be other Van der Sloot "date rape" victims that may come forward.

My opinion is that Joran will not be denied what he wants from women.  How dare they!

He sure acts like an anti-social personality to me.

The Lie Guy®"

Joran VanderSloot: An MO of Prowling Casinos for Victims?

Joran VanderSloot has been arrested in Chile on a charge of murdering a woman in Peru after picking her up at a casino there. This is exactly the same way he met Natalie Holloway in Aruba.  Could this be his MO?

I went back a reviewed an interview of Vandersloot by ABC's Chris Cuomo back in 2005.  One of the biggest reactions I saw from Vandersloot was the question about him picking up women in casinos and bars, getting them drunk or drugging them, and taking advantage of them.  In my opinion his response behaviors (both verbal and non-verbal) were consistent with someone who was withholding information. Now we get word he is accused of using the same tactic to pick up a woman in Peru and he has been arrested for her murder.

My question would be have we uncovered the MO of a killer and /or rapist.  We need to get the evidence on the case in front of us to be sure he is guilty of the murder.  Other cases of serial murderers / rapists have present very strong evidence of patterns of behavior that are consistent in all their cases.  This could be the same with Vandersloot.

Within one day of his arrest, we get word that US authorities was Joran for extortion.  He is alleged to have offered information regarding the whereabouts of Natalie Holloway's body in Aruba in return for money.

In my opinion Joran is what I call an "Ego Dominant" personality and that would detect the interrogations strategy O would use on him.  He also appears to exhibit a large number of the characteristics of the "psychopath" or "anti-social" personality researched and expounded on by Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. J. Reid Malloy.

I wouldn't be surprised if more of the same behaviors by Joran will soon be uncovered.

Interested in hearing your thoughts.


"The Lie Guy®"