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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Dr. Gates Arrest & Racism Charge Claims Another Victim: The Witness

The arrest of Dr. Gates in Cambridge. MA and charges of racism claim another victim – Lucia Whalen ,the witness.  Once again, people wihout having all the information in hurl charges of racism against a citizen who dutifully called in what she believed to be suspicious activity.

This doesn't bode well for anyone who sees a what they believe is a crime in progress and report it to law enforcement.  What is going to happen with the interviews of potential witnesses or sources in the future?  Neighborhood convasses by law enforcement has just dramatically increased in difficulty.  All fueled by biased, shoot from the hip, ego driven, hate filled morons!

What does that say about a small number of people who are quick to rekindle and fuel racism and the perception of racism in our country.  Of course our media can only provide coverage of the dark side of each case.  Then you have one ignorant police officer who exposes his bias by publishing more hate on a blog site.

It looks to me like some folks just don't have any purpose in life unless they can fan the fires of racism and hate and keep it alive for their own ends.

My advice – "Engage brain before putting mouth in gear!"

"The Lie Guy®"

President’s Biased Statement Further Stereotypes Police – Minority Relations

The President's impromptu remarks today fall short of an apology and further the stereotype of all small minded people that all cops are racists.  He has just ratchetetd up tensions between police and minorities and has exponentially increased the danger not only to all law enforcement officers but also for minorities who may encounter law enforcement personnel.

The President remarks about Sgt. James Crowley were in my opinion half-hearted and were meant more to cover his own gaff than to acknowledge what is an apparently deep seeded bias on his part against law enforcement in general.  He has done nothing more than fuel the notion that all cops are racists and most likely in the minds of some misinformed minorities that to resist law enforcement officers at will is totally acceptable.

This week alone the President has managed to accuse doctors of allowing their patients to become sicker so they can perform unnecessary surgery for money and all cops as being racists.  Who's next?  Lunchroom ladies and cat lovers?

I thought his campaign was about elevating us above race and bigotry.  If this is an example of his empathy and efforts at healing the racial divide, I'm not impressed.

Just MY opinion.  Words mean things!  You have to THINK IT before you SAY IT!

"The Lie Guy®"

The Police Acted “Stupidly?” President & Media Show Their Bias!

The President says the police in the arrest of Dr. Henry Gates acted "stupidly."

Really!!  How interesting that the President, the "lawyer"  makes a judgment without any facts.  Anyone of the rest of us would have been buried in a lawyer's tirade had we made that statement about their client!

He admits he is biased because Dr. Gates is his "friend."  Really!  You think you might be "biased" "Counselor-in-Chief?"  Oh, I'm sorry!  Lawyers and even judges like you don't have bias!  I forgot, they should have "empathy!"

What about the witnesses stating that Dr. Gates was belligerent and out of control?  Oh, I'm sorry!  we have to claim racism and blame the cop first.  Doesn't that "bias" the case and any chance for a fair hearing for both Dr. Gates AND the cop(s) involved in the arrest??  We wouldn't want to "try" anyone in the media would we?  Unless of course that person is NOT on the media "approved" list of per-determined victims!

Perhaps your friend Mr. President, is not being totally truthful about his side of the story.  Have you ever taken that in account? Like a 72 year old grandmother who gets tazered said she was not yelling or belligerent with the Tyler, TX cop when the in car camera shows a totally different story.

If you believe the arrest is not lawful, the time to protest is NOT with the cop.  Take it to court!
You fight the cop … you gonna lose!

How about the permanent "taint" you have placed on ALL arrests of any minorities as being the result of profiling and racism.  Someday when you finish with making the US in your own image, spend some time and look at crime numbers, look at the number of minorities who are crime victims, look at the "facts" in every case where a cop was killed or injured while making an arrest.  If you want to display real "empathy" don't make biased statements and learn the "truth" about crime, the overwhelming pressure put on the criminal justice system and our courts in the US fueled by "biased", uninformed statements just like the one you made from the point of view of a "community organizer!" 

Mr. President, I suggest you get ALL the facts before you publicly
defame the cop(s) who make the arrest.  However, I have noticed for
you, if the facts don't fit your agenda, they are easily sacrificed!

Shame on you Mr. President!

"The Lie Guy®"