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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Michael Jackson: The Missing Doctor

I doubt I'm the only one to have growing suspicions about Michael Jackson's now missing doctor.  I figure it's one of three things:

1. Could his doctor have been negligently providing MJ all the meds he wants?  MJ was not a very strong person and nor had a strong personal discipline.  Sure he could work himself up for singing and dancing but in terms of person discomfort, MJ was not in the same class as the majority of the population who could tolerate some amount of pain and discomfort.  Therefore medicate me!!  Now his doctor is hiding for fear of being implicated and being the most hated man on earth!

2.  MJ has been abusing and mixing prescriptions drugs al la Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, etc.

3. Was MJ's death a suicide – which may never be acknowledged?  I gleaned from some of the news reports that even though he was "practicing" for his 50+ concerts in Europe, he had hired no band, no support dancers, etc.  Apparently had NOT done a lot of the preparations necessary for such a huge undertaking.  Could it have gotten to the point he didn't want the embarrassment of not be able to live up to his image?  (Think Marilyn Monroe.)

I'm just thinking out loud and don't have any real insight.  What else is there to do?  There's nothing else on the news right now!

Got any thoughts??

"The Lie Guy®"

Detroit Killer Confession Coerced? Not so fast!

Detroit killer Vincent Smothers was confessing to multiple murders in just 4 hours of interview & interrogation.  He has admitted to at least 8 hired hits – one for as little as $50 and the most recent of a Detroit cop's wife.  His attorney now says the interview was too long and arduous and all the confessions should be dismissed.

Really ….!  So if your client confesses it must automatically mean he had to be coerced.

We have got to stop this nonsense!  I don't know all the details of Smothers case nor the interrogation tactics or details.  I'm tired of hearing the first word out a defense attorney's mouth is that all confessions are coerced.

We need to start recording ALL interrogations, stop the abuse of the criminal justice system, and ALWAYS blame the cop first if the bad guy confesses, gets convicted or if Grandma gets tazed because she failed to follow a lawful order and resisted arrest.  Juries and ESPECIALLY the public needs to see what really goes on during an interrogation.

Read more about Vincent Smothers case here.

I'd like to hear more about what you think!

"The Lie Guy®"