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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Roland Burris: On FBI wiretap offered to write a check to Blago

CBS Chicago is reporting that the FBI wiretap of Blago caught Roland Burris offering to write Blago a check before he was appointed to the US Senate.

CBS Chicago Story on Roland Burris

I hate to say "I told you so," but "I told you so!"  Check my previous blog entry on February 18th, 2009. My question is when will Congress and other federal bodies indict Burris for perjury .. oh excuse me…"amending his statement."

Time to look at Nancy Pelosi, too!

Stan B. Walters
"The Lie Guy®"

Drew Peterson: “I guess I should have returned those library books.”

During his arrest on May 7, Drew Peterson let his Ego Dominant personality show itself.  According to My Fox Chicago, Peterson was "stunned" by his arrest. Obviously he thinks he's untouchable and still believes that he can't possibly be convicted much less even tried for the death of Savio.   The only thing he could think of to say as he was being handcuffed was ""I guess I should have returned those library books."

We're going to get more of these types of dismissive remarks from Peterson.

Check out MY FOX Chicago exclusive video of Drew Peterson's arrest.

"The Lie Guy®

Drew Peterson Arrested: His Own “Words” and His “Ways” Will Nail Him

Within the last 2 hours, Drew Peterson was indicted for murder his third wife, Kathleen Savio and has been arrested by the Illinois State Police.  The Illinois State Police are currently executing search warrants on his house and have reportedly recovered what has been called "tons of evidence."

I've blogged before that Drew Peterson's ego dominant personality will be his downfall.  He has run his mouth so much in the media that it'll be a major issue with this case.  In particular his public comments about the day he found her dead in the bathtub of their home and well as any official statements he made to authorities.

When we finally hear the facts in this case he will have told more than one conflicting account but also those accounts WILL NOT be supported by the evidence found at the scene nor the injuries to her body.

Follow this one closely.  This arrest and Drew's "WORDS" and "WAYS" may also open up some more leads to the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy.

Stan B. Walters
"The Lie Guy®

Drew Peterson: A Big Slip of the Tongue on Chicago FOXNews

Drew Peterson appeared on Chicago FOXNews in an interview and his mouth got him in trouble again.  He was asked what do you tell you kids about their mother.  He said he told them she was on vacation and "… not coming back."  When the reported caught it Drew told he didn't say that and that that's not what he meant.

I'm telling you …. this guy's mouth and ego has and will screw him to the wall.

Check out the video here :

According to Drew Peterson – his wife is not coming back

Stan B. Walters
The Lie Guy®

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