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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Roland Burris vs A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Scooter Libby & Martha Stewart

What's the difference between Roland Burris, A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart?
Roland Burris is just "amending" his testimony.  For the other four it's called perjury.  Two spent time in prison and the other two may spend time in prison.

Now we learn that Burris was "helping" Blago by raising campaign funds.  This is unreal.  With all the hoopla about Blago and the pay-4-play scandal, it would have to immediately stir anyone else's memory about ANY dealings they may have had with Blago.

In my opinion, Roland should be tried for perjury.  No amount of "spin" can explain away his convenient memory issue.  If this man is not charged with perjury then Libby and Stewart's convictions are a miscarriage of justice.  If Congress, the Federal Grand Jury and Illinois Legislature pass on indicting Burris, then all charges against A-Rod and Bonds should be dropped also.

"The Lie Guy®"