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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Lie To Me: A Show of Fact, Fiction or Both

Fox will premier it's new show "Lie to me" on January 21.  It will be interesting to see how closely "Lie to me" will follow the research and findings of Dr. Paul Ekman.  If the writers are true to Ekman's research there should be some interesting Facial Action Coding Systems cues presented as well as some of Ekman's other work on deception conducted over 30+ years. 

For those who have asked, or are wondering, sorry.. I wasn't involved in the technical side.  There are a lot of great unknown experts in the field and I'm a small fry.  I would have loved the opportunity. I've have been invited to and have pitched tons of stuff to TLC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Court TV, ABC, CBS, NBC for several years but nothing seems to work out.  I proposed shows on interrogation, detection of deception, live interrogation shows (similar to police chases, First 48, etc) as far back as 9 years ago.  Again… so goes Hollywood and New York.  I guess I was a little ahead of the times.

Since such "scientific information" can be dull, the writers of Lie To Me have got a big job ahead of them – write a decent, compelling and entertaining story around all this scientific information.

The show should be fun BUT just remember.. it IS television and writers take license with reality and truth.  I expect some "flaws" and I worry they may drift away from Ekman's work for the sake of maintaining viewer numbers.  One area about which I am concerned based on a couple of commercials is the eye contact and eye movement issue.  Ekman as well as other scientists debunked those myths long ago but once again … so goes television and Hollywood.

I will be watching with a critical eye.

"The Lie Guy®"