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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Caylee Anthony’s Body: Casey Told Us Where to Find it!

Back in July, Casey Anthony told us where to find her daughter's body in her recorded jail telephone calls.  She said she felt Casey was okay and was nearby.  Check my blog for July 28th and note my observations.

I wrote  "She feels that Caylee is nearby or near her home.  Caylee may very
well be found very close to home.  If she is it'll be someplace that
Casey is very familiar with and / or has been there several times.

I'd really start working on these two comments by Casey.  I think they may be the keys to getting an admission or confession."

Caylee has been found about 1/4 mile from her house.  The area where she was found was a location that Casey is reported to use as a "hangout" with her friends when she was in high school and apparently is very familiar with the location. 

I understand that the location where Caylee was found has been and is often under water making it difficult to discover her body before now.

Now Casey's words are REALLY going to haunt her.  Her lies about Zany, Zany's mother, Zany working at Universal studios, and all her "trips" to help find Caylee.  I'm curious as to how the "bounty hunter" is going to explain this but more importantly, what tactic will her attorney employ.

I'll bet we get the "scared mother" story, the "kidnapped baby story" and there will be a BIG attack on her interview / interrogation, the forensics, and attempts to get both excluded.  I'm also interested in how Grandmother is going to handle all this.

Keep watching!  I'll bet this will be more to this soap opera yet to come!

"The Lie Guy®"