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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Casey Anthony: Where’s the beef! Burger & Fries & No Confession!

I don't want to disparage Mr. Padilla "The Bounty Hunter" who bonded Casey out of jail but his statement that he could get her to tell him about Caylee over a burger and fries is a little naive.  He may be able to track down people who run but my observation is that he lacks some interviewing / interrogation skills.

Casey is a psychopath and you're not going to "buy" favors from her.  She's all in this for herself and always has been.  Here's what we have heard lately.  Some things make sense, others are just "out there."

1. Casey supposedly wanted to have the child adopted after she was born.  Kinda fits the idea that Caylee cramped her lifestyle.

2. Padilla says that supposedly Casey gave the baby to a friend because her mother wanted to adopt the child and Casey also wanted to move out.  Sounds like that conflicts with #1 above.

3.  If friends DID have the child, I doubt they would run the risk of being spotted with the child and turned in as kidnappers, etc.  I can't imagine anyone friend or not, who would keep the child with all the media and police attention to this case.

4. Decomposition and hair supposedly found in the trunk – now this sounds more realistic.  My oldest daughter contends that Casey put her in the trunk because she wanted to party, got sloshed, forgot her, and she died from the heat and she has disposed of the body.  Look at one of the "Comments" from my last post and you'll see some else has the same idea.

5.  Casey back to jail but now on a fraud charge.  Say it isn't so!!!!  What?  Casey commit fraud, lie to someone, write  or forge a check!!!  I can't imagine.  I'm betting this is just one little incident in a LONG line of anti-social incidents that surround Casey.

I wonder how long before we get to a grand jury and maybe get an indictment??

Just a few thoughts…

"The Lie Guy"

For the Anthony’s – It’s Time for a “Come to Jesus” Meeting

For the parents and brother of Casey Anthony – it time for a "Come to Jesus" meeting as they say in the south.  I can't imagine the amount of stress this feeling is experiencing.  As the father of two daughters and two grandkids, I know how much you work to support your family and help your kids when they are in trouble – but it's time for the parents and brother to get a grip on this and have a long, hard conversation with their daughter and sister.

Let's review:
1. Casey has apparently lied about when she last say her daughter.
2. Casey has lied to her parents about when she last had / saw Caylee.
3. She lied to the police about the baby sitter
4. She lied about where the baby sitter supposed lived and where she left her daughter.
5. Casey appears to have lied about working and Universal studies where she worked and met the baby sitter.
6. There is speculation about Casey actually being the one who went to the Idlewood and signed the visitor's card with the baby sitter's name.
7. She lied about calling the baby sitter and talking to her the day her own mother called 911 and reported the child missing.
8. She has lied to her parents about her personal behavior and friends (witness all the pix of her partying)
9. She has shown no real concern or distress about Caylee.
10. The car she returned to her mother smelled liked decomposition and apparently the cadaver dogs hit on the car trunk.
11.  If (and that's a big if..) Caylee has been kidnapped and Casey is in fear of the child's life or retribution against her family – she shows no signs of distress and the grand parents sure are ignoring the risk but garnering so much media attention.
12 We have not identified any Zany yet that matches up to Case's description.

It's time for Casey parents and brother to
1. Come to grips with the fact that their granddaughter is most likely dead.
2. Accept the obvious reality that their daughter is most likely to be responsible for their granddaughter and niece.
3. Get to Casey and tell her they have given her every opportunity to find Caylee but now is the time to tell the truth.
4. I can understand them trying to help and support their daughter when the truth is finally revealed, but that support only will come with Casey telling the truth.

Will a conversation with Casey work – I kinda doubt it!  She's a psychopath or at least demonstrating the narcissistic behavior that all psychopath exhibit.  It's all about Casey, no impulse control, acts of personal irresponsibility, total lack of empathy, chronic lying, glib, shallow personality, disloyal in personal relationships, irresponsible parenting behaviors, a wide range of deviant behavior, et al.

The "Come to Jesus" meeting would be of more benefit to her brother and parents that it would be for her.  She has used the hell out of them for years – it's time to cut her off.

Casey as most psychopath's crave attention.  Take that away from her.  Psychopaths have to have a crowd – someone to victimize and use.  Take that away from them and they crumble.  I'd suggest her parents and brother cut off communications with her.  I'd tell her "we will not talk to you again until you tell us where we can find Caylee."  "If she calls and tries to talk them they should ask "Are you going to tell us where we can find Caylee?" "No?" "Goodbye."

Just my opinion!

"The Lie Guy