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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Mayor Ray Nagin: Possible Katrina Contractor Fraud in New Orleans

I just finished a radio interview with WWL radio in New Orleans.  They had me review some video tapes of Mayor Ray Nagin in some recent stories about some of the contractors doing some of the home restoration work after Katrina.

Seems some of the contractors may be billing for work on houses that have not been done.  Two of the companies have as a board member the former head of NOAH (New Orleans Affordable Housing) and Nagin’s brother-in-law owns one of the three companies.

Take a look at these stories on WWL-TV.  Notice Nagin’s reactions to the list of properties the contractors billed for work and about his brother-In-law’s company.  Also watch Nagin being asked about his relationship to Stacy Jackson former NOAH director and now on the board of two of the companies. Watch Jackson false “emotional moment” when she appeared before the city council as well as her remarkable San Paku (3 whites of the eyes). Nagin is using some surgical denial about the accuracy of the properties and billing lists.

In my opinion Jackson and Nagin both are exhibiting significant cues that they are withholding information.

Caylee Anthony: The end may be near for Casey Anthony!

Recorded jail tapes between Casey Anthony and her mother Cindy reveal a lot about Casey’s deteriorating frame of mind.  It would appeared that Casey is quickly coming unraveled.  I can see this case possible coming to some conclusion in 48 – 72 hours.  Casey is making comments that to me as an interrogator appears to be some chinks in her denial armor. 

Significant comments by Casey:
1. In her gut she feels Caylee is okay.  Some big denial on her part?  Trying to convince herself that she’s not responsible for Caylee disappearance and possible death?
2. She feels that Caylee is nearby or near her home.  Caylee may very well be found very close to home.  If she is it’ll be someplace that Casey is very familiar with and / or has been there several times.

I’d really start working on these two comments by Casey.  I think they may be the keys to getting an admission or confession.

Now there are indications that Casey felt trapped by being the mother of Caylee, that she as interfering with her relationship with her boyfriend.  As I said in my previous post.  If Casey harmed this child it was all because of her focus on herself and what SHE wants.

Just some more thoughts as this case unfolds.

Stan B. Walters
“The Lie Guy”

Caylee Anthony – Grandmother Comments and Actions Contradict Her Support of Her Daughter

The Grandmother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony insists her daughter is innocent and has done nothing wrong.  She claims her daughter is just afraid to talk to local police bout would cooperate with the FBI.

Casey Anthony says her daughter is afraid that Caylee or some other member of the family may be hurt if she cooperates with police.

My observations include:  Why did it take 30 days or so for Mom to report the child missing?  Why did Grandmother report her daughter had taken the car and why did she tell dispatch that it smelled like a dead body? Grandmother later tells reporters to leave pizza in the trunk of the car for a day and see if smells like a body?  (Let see.. what kind of pizza does Grandmother order?)

If Casey does talk to the FBI is she going to take them on a wild goose chase like she did the cops in Orlando?  Doesn’t take a big leap in logic to figure out that this case is not going to turn out well.

Sounds like the Orlando guys are doing a great job.  It appears they are allowing Mom to hang herself. Let her talk – even to the FBI and she’s going to lie even more and dig the hole deeper.

You’ve got to really feel bad for Mom.  She’s torn in two directions and her contradictory actions and comments show how conflicted she is about her daughter and her involvement in the disappearance of her granddaughter and the safety of Caylee.

If they find Caylee’s body and if Casey is charged we will hear from the defense and Grandmother about her daughter being sick, depression, mood disorder, etc.  I’m betting that in the end it’s going to be Mom did it becuase she is totally absorbed on herself and the child is an inconvenience or nuisance.

Just my observations.  What are yours?

Stan B. Walters
“The Lie Guy”