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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Video Taped Interview of Scarborough Rapist

Paul Bernado known as Canada's "Scarborough Rapist" was recently interviewed regarding the disappearance of college student Elizabeth Bain in 1990.  The courts have released transcripts and the video tape of Bernardo's interview.

Bernardo was suspected of committing 14 rapes and brags that he did 30.  Some of the rapes he committed occurred after he married Karla Homolke who was also convicted for helping lure his victims.

Check out the video of Bernado's recent interview about the disappearance of Elizabeth Bain.
In particular notice Bernardo's response to Det. Brad Hoover asking if he murdered Bain. has an additional story about Bernardo and his taped interview.

Check Paul Bernardo on Wikipedia for more story.

Another example of why taping of interviews and interrogations is important.


Video Tape Interrogation in Child Death Trial Will Make the Difference

I have been casually following a child death case in Richmond,
Kentucky.  A 2 year old child Callie Robinson had numerous cuts,
bruises, scraps, and burns over her body.  Her mother said Callie's
death was due to her boyfriend wrapping her too tightly in a blanket. 

Verona Brinegar said she told her boyfriend to stop after she found
bruises in her daughter's ears. Verona also said in her video taped
interrogation that the burns on the bottoms of the child's feet came
from the wall sockets.  Brinegar's 4 year old son supposedly repeatedly
removed the covers from the wall sockets and Callie had put her feet up
against the sockets.

Obviously the medical examiner's  LONG testimony refuted all those ridiculous claims.

I think was is really going to make a big impact in this case is that
Richmond, KY PD  video taped the house / crime scene.  More importantly
they video taped Verona Brinegar's interrogation documenting her absurd
explanation of her daughter's injuries and subsequent death at the
hands of her boyfriend.

The jury is not going to respond well to being lied to by Verona as if
they have no common sense, especially after the M.E.'s testimony.

Think of all the cases you could have taped or could tape that would make a huge impact on the court.

Read the case and trial information:

and see if you don't agree with me.


Tatum O’Neal Does “research” on cocaine and crack.

You might say that Tatum O'Neal is experiencing an extreme case of denial! 

Tatum O'Neal gets arrested just blocks from her apartment in New York trying to buy cocaine and crack from a street person.

O'Neal is quoted by the NYPD as saying, "You know who I am, right?"

She also told the Manhattan South Narcs "'I'm researching a part – I'm doing this for a part' " as a junkie.

O'Neal has a well documented history of drug abuse. She also said this was the "first time" she's been out after getting released from a drug treatment program.

How many times have we heard these excuses from subjects?  Her comments when she was arrested are typical of the evasive nature of bargaining by calling her actions "research" and of course the "denial" behavior that this is her "first time."  How about her "sense of entitlement" because she's Tatum O'Neal?

Sounds like treatment hasn't been working!