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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jack Worthington is JFK’s Love Child? – Doubt it!

We now have a guy Jack Worthington who claims he is the love child of JFK.  I picked up on the story very quickly when I first heard about it.  About 20 years ago my buddy William Owens and I investigated a similar claim but a mother and son in Maryland. Mom claimed the babies got switched at birth.

It was no surprise that everything was unfounded.  Mom always gave just enough information to make it sound credible.  She knew two or three of the right names of Secret Service agents and reporters to weave into the story to make it sound good.  The woman even got her story into the National Enquirer.  She claimed to have written documents from the Kennedy’s which we determined were in her own handwriting.  We found tons more evidence of her embellishment and fabrications

As you can imagine, turned out the woman was a very histrionic – a real "drama queen."  I’d be willing to bet we’re going to hear the same thing about this new claim as the heir to "Camelot."

This is typical of what I call a "hype lie."  The person creates a lot of lies that "hype" them or something they have supposedly done or accomplished.  Medal of Honor winners, named after Sr. Edmund Hillary, invented the internet.  This a common type of lie you’ll find around you all the time.


Science of Interrogation: National Geographic

Science of Interrogation is currently set to air on the National Geographic Channel, Monday March 10th an 8 PM ET.

I was pleased to work as a technical adviser on the project and serve as a contributing host for the program.  The program explores current research including false confessions, and the fMRI as a device for detecting deception.  The crew portions of a class I taught at Nebraska State Patrol in Grand Island.  We also went to Hall County Jail and conducted some inmate interviews.  I then spent about 8 hours taping a segment during which I did some analysis of major case interrogations including Gary Ridgeway, "The Green River Killer,", two other murder cases and a kidnapping case in Hopkinsville, KY in which I was involved.

The producer Stuart Tanner is very excited about the finished work.  I’ve also been asked to serve as a spokesperson for the program and anticipate doing some news coverage.

Monday March 10th at 8 PM ET on the National Geographic Channel.  Should be a good show.  I hope it turns out as well as the taping sessions we did.

"The Lie Guy"

Phony Biographies: Lying & Deception in Print

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve learned again that publishers are not very discriminating on who they publish.  More importantly,  they are absolutely worthless in spotting deception.  Yet, they are the first to tell us how we everyone else is wrong and misinformed.

It’s happened again!  After three years of working with her, Penguin books has learned that Love and Consequences which is about the gang life of Margaret Seltzer (writing as Margaret B. Jones) is a complete fraud.  Seltzer still tries to salvage the charade by saying her work is based on the life experiences of several friends.  Just a few weeks ago "Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years" by Misha Defonseca turned out to be a fake.   Two years ago Ms. Oprah got burned by the fraudulent book "A Million Pieces" written by James Frey.

I thought publishers, newspaper and journalists had a code of conduct.  One of which is to verify all sources.   Makes you wonder what else they publish that is untrue.  Funny how the rest of us poor readers in the public are just dupes and have to been told what to think by the enlightened media.

Time they should learn how to spot deception.

"The Lie Guy"