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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Drew Peterson’s Ego Will Bury Him

The last couple of weeks has confirmed in my mind even more that Peterson is just like OJ Simpson.  I predicted years ago that OJ would do something shocking like saying "Okay, I killed her and here’s how.  What are you going to do now?"  He book "If I Did It…" was that moment.

Drew Peterson’s ego is going to bury him.  He’ll do something or say something just as dumb and reckless as OJ.  He talked to Matt Lauer about wanting the press off his back yet, what has he done?  He calls a radio show and talks about doing "Get a Date With Drew."  He has allegedly contacted FOX about going on the new show Moment of Truth and volunteers for a polygraph, BUT won’t take one given by the police or FBI.

Drew Peterson’s ego driven acts are going to bury him.  He is going to say or do something that will be his death knell if and when he is caught and tried.  His search for attention and some BIG screw up out there on the horizon is coming. 

Course… just my opinion of what I call an ego dominant personality.