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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Marion Jones – “Didn’t know” she was doping?

Marion Jones told federal agents back in 2003 that she "didn’t know" her coach was giving her steroids.  In 2004 she wrote a letter to her family and friends about the steroid charges surrounding her gold medals that she "didn’t know" her coach was giving her steroids.  She said she was taking "the clear" as far back as 1999 and thought her coach was giving her flaxseed oil.

I guess she didn’t know what she was taking just like Barry Bonds.  In 2003, Bonds denied ever knowingly taking performance-enhancing drugs. In testimony before a grand jury, Bonds said he believed a clear substance and a cream given to him by his trainer were flaxseed oil and an arthritis balm.

"The clear" was supposedly the flaxseed oil and the arthritis balm was called "the cream" in both Jones and Bond’s cases

Sounds like that arthritis balm and flaxseed oil has some great side effects!  You can run faster and hit harder.


Isiah Thomas – How Innocent?

Isiah Thomas made an interesting statement after the jury returned a guilty verdict.  The jury found Thomas  guilty of sexual harassment against one of the Knicks female employees.

At an impromptu press conference Thomas said:

"I’m innocent, I’m very innocent, and I did not do the things she has accused me in this courtroom of doing," Thomas said. "I’m extremely disappointed that the jury did not see the facts in this case. I will appeal this, and I remain confident in the man that I am and what I stand for and the family that I have."

If you are "very" innocent does that make you "more" innocent than anyone else.  Also interesting that his family comes up in the middle of his statement.  Wonder if this is some bargaining behavior.